22nd January 2018

Design Career: How to Get a Design Job You Dream About

Finding a job can be tough, especially for someone who doesn’t have relevant experience. However, everybody has to start somewhere and on the way to your dream job you should be prepared for the hiring process both professionally and mentally. The whole process of getting a job can be divided into three stages: research, application, and […]

16th December 2017

2019 UI and UX Design Trends

Last year we put together a prediction of mobile UI design trends. This year, we’re going deeper and beyond just mobile. Because the number one trend in modern design is context. There are no generalizations anymore. Everything is in context and connected. It feels like we’re getting somewhere with all the tools, advancements in technology, and […]

16th December 2017

8 Best Prototyping Tools to Use with Sketch

Annie DaiFollow Jan 18 Sketch is an indispensable design tool for modern designers. In catering to the needs of designers, various prototyping tools now include plugins for Sketch prototyping. There are both traditional desktop-based prototyping tools, as well as cloud-based prototyping tools. There is no standard to indicate which tool you should use. Thus, finding a Sketch […]